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Renting Your Property

As a Leaseholder you may wish to sublet your property to a Sub-Tenant. To do this you must first contact Pier Management to apply for a licence to sublet.  Once you have paid the necessary administration fee for this service a member of our team will be appointed to your case. Please be aware that your request may be unsuccessful if you have outstanding debts on your account or if the prospective sub-tenant is deemed unsatisfactory. In order to process your request we will need the following information from you:

  • The address for future invoices and information to be sent to.
  • A copy of the Tenancy Agreement detailing whether the property is being let to Asylum Seekers, DSS or Students.
  • Emergency contact details for both you and your sub-tenant.

If your licence is approved it is your responsibility to ensure that all the terms stated within your lease are maintained by the Sub-Tenant, any breach of these terms could result in your licence being revoked.  It is your responsibility to notify Pier Management of any change in circumstance regarding the sub letting arrangement as any subsequent lettings, including renewed agreed tenancies, are subject to a new request for a licence to Sublet.

Please contact Pier Management if you have any queries regarding the subletting of your property and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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