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General Data Protection Regulation: Your data protection rights are changing – find out where you stand.

May 1st, 2018

The European Union’s laws on data protection are changing, with new regulations coming into effect from 25 May 2018. In this digital age the importance of privacy and data protection cannot be overstated – an awareness of your data protection rights will ensure that your information is protected to the utmost.

These changes in the law will affect the way that organisations gather and process your personal information. Granting greater consumer protection and enforcing tighter restrictions on organisations’ powers, these regulations not only limit the circumstances under which companies can process your information, but they also introduce an array of new consumer rights.

As the processor of your personal information, Pier Management will be bound to comply with these regulations and will be subject to penalties if we fall below the EU’s expected standards during the lifetime of our relationship with you. Details such as your name, address and contact details, as well as information about your property ownership, will need to be kept under strict supervision to ensure compliance with the new law.

The first key limitation the new law will impose on the powers of organisations is that the collection and processing of data must be absolutely necessary, and access to this data can only be provided to as few operators as possible.

This means that we will never ask for unnecessary or surplus personal information, and we will constantly monitor those with access to your data to ensure that it is kept in the strictest confidence. If you have any queries concerning the way your data is processed then do not hesitate to contact us and we will make sure that your concerns are addressed immediately.

On top of these restrictions on the way we operate, the new law also introduces an array of new rights for consumers, enforceable by you. The existence of your rights are triggered at different stages throughout your interaction with Pier, the first of these being when we initially collect your information.

When we first collect your personal data you will have the right to know how this information will be used. This includes the right to be told information ranging from the details of the organisation processing your information through to the purpose for which we require the information and how long the information is to be stored for.

These rights are not exclusive to just the initial collection of data, however, as you have the right to request this information at any stage during the process. This means that even if we initially collected your data prior to the introduction of this new law, you still have the right to request the above information at any point during your relationship with us.

In addition, during the course of processing your information, you will have the right to request the rectification of any inaccuracies that may be contained within it. For example, you have the right to have any miss-spellings of your name or address, or outdated contact details rectified upon your request.

At Pier we are already striving to reach and exceed the expectations set by these new laws. Protecting your personal data has never been more difficult or more important, and generating an awareness of these rights is the first step to improving the protection of your personal information.

Ella Purkis- Paralegal

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