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How do I login into the tenant portal? ↓

1) Locate your Tenant Reference and Name at the top right hand corner of a recent invoice from Pier Management Ltd.

2) Log on to the Pier Management Ltd Website (www.piermanagement.com) and click ‘Tenant Portal’ at the top of the homepage.

3) This will take you to the login screen. When using the Tenant Portal for the first time you will need to register this take just a few seconds and only has to be done once.

4) To register click ‘Registration and Forgotten Password’. Then fill in your Tenant Reference (found at the top of an invoice), your Name (as it appears on the invoice), and your email address.

5) You will then receive a password to your email address which you can use to login. NB: you can change this password via the login in screen at a later date.

6) Once logged in you will be able to view your statement, important documents and make payment online.

Pier Management
Why do I have to apply for consent to make alterations to my property? ↓

It is standard practice for Tenants to apply for a ‘Licence for Alterations’ when you wish to carry out improvements or other major works to the premises during the term of your lease. Whilst structural alterations are usually prohibited, non-structural alterations are normally acceptable, subject to the Landlord’s consent. Landlords must carefully consider all applications to ensure that any alterations do not have a negative impact on the value or safety of the property.

How long does an application for Consent take to complete? ↓

It can differ with every case because of the varied nature of each application, but each application is judged solely on its own merits. The primary point of reference is the alteration covenant contained within your lease. Tenants should be aware that the application process can prove to be quite lengthy.

Are there any fees payable when I first apply? ↓

Pier Management works closely with any Tenant who places an application for alterations to ensure the best result possible for all parties. As a result of this applicants are required to pay an advanced sum of £360 (£300 + VAT) to cover the administration cost of this process.

Some alterations were carried out to my property, but these were done before I moved in and by the previous owners. Am I responsible for obtaining consent? ↓

Unfortunately this is one of the perils of being a Leaseholder. We understand that some works may have been completed prior to your ownership of the property. However, this does not negate your liability to obtain retrospective consent for the alteration. Such consent is a formal requirement under the terms of your lease and as successor in title you are bound by the covenants therein.

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Lease Extensions
How much will my lease extension cost? ↓

Every lease extension is different so the cost can’t be determined without an individual valuation for your property. We don’t believe in charging you to get an offer however there is a valuation fee of £450+VAT which is due upon completion.

How long will it take to complete? ↓

Following your initial enquiry we will generate your offer within 3 to 5 working days. Once we have received your confirmation of acceptance our Legal Team will aim to get the lease extension completed within 4 to 6 weeks.

How is the lease extension valued? ↓

Valuing lease extensions is an extremely complicated process. Although comprised of many variables the main factors that influence the cost of a lease extension are as follows: the remaining lease length, the amount of ground rent and the value of the property.

Why can’t I negotiate with the Freeholder directly? ↓

Pier Management is the appointed representative of the Freeholder and our expert team have direct contact with the Freeholder throughout the negotiation process. We function as the point of contact for both parties, with all offers needing the final approval of the Freeholder before they are submitted to the Leaseholder.

What happens if I cannot afford the lease extension premium? ↓

In cases where Leaseholders are unable to pay the extension premium Freeholders have the option of tailoring the extension cost to fit your needs. This could take many forms, for example an increase in the agreed charge for Ground Rent could result in a reduction in the extension premium.

What will the offer consist of? ↓

The lease extension offer will be made up of three main parts; the premium for the lease extension, a revised Ground Rent, and the new lease term. Each part of the offer will contribute to the overall value of the lease extension.

Pier Management
Selling Your Property
I am selling my home and need information from the Freeholder, what do I need to do? ↓

Your Solicitor will need to contact our Pre-Sales Enquiries Team for a Solicitors Information Pack by sending a written request to Pre-Sales Enquiries Team, Pier Management Limited, 16/18 Warrior Square, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS1 2WS.

How much does a Solicitors Information Pack cost? ↓

The fees charged vary dependant on the requirements of your lease.  The Solicitors Information Pack provided will be tailored specifically to your property. This is why we can only advise you of the fee once we received the written application from your solicitor and identified your individual needs.

How long will I have to wait for my Solicitors Information Pack? ↓

Once your fee has been processed your pack will be dispatched within 10 to 14 days. Alternatively you could request our premium service at an added cost, in which case your pack will arrive within 3 to 5 working days.

Pier Management
Property Maintenance
Who is the Freeholder? ↓

The Freeholder is the person who owns the main fabric of the building along with the common parts. The Freeholder has the lasting interest in the property whereas the Leaseholder will only own the flat for a set number of years.

What is a Leaseholder? ↓

You are a Leaseholder in as much as you own the lease to your flat.

What is a lease? ↓

The lease is essentially a contract between you and the Freeholder. The Freeholder agrees for you to own the flat for a set number of years in return for an annual ground rent. When you sell the flat a new lease is not signed, instead the benefit of the old lease is registered in the new owner’s name.

Where can I get a copy? ↓

We can supply you with a copy of your lease for a fee of £50 + VAT.

Who are Pier and why are they Involved? ↓

Your freeholder doesn’t employ staff directly, instead they have appointed Pier Management to deal with the day to day running of their portfolio, collection of Ground Rents and arrangement of insurance. Our team is highly trained and dedicated to providing a professional service for Freeholders and Leaseholders alike.

What does the term ‘Demised’ refer to? ↓

This is the term used to describe the parts of the property owned by you. It will normally detail the boundaries of your flat i.e. one half of the ceiling, the windows.

What are ‘common parts’? ↓

Common parts are the areas of the building which belong to the Freeholder but are accessible to Leaseholders i.e. common staircases, landings or communal gardens.

What are service charges? ↓

Service charges are the monies you pay towards the upkeep of the property. In most instances your property will be managed by a Managing Agent who will draw up a budget at the beginning of the year detailing what services are required for the property i.e. cleaning, gardening etc. These figures are merely an informed prediction and are susceptible to change, but it gives the Managing Agent a pot of money to organise works as an when they are required. At the end of the year the accounts will detail what was collected and spent and detail whether you are due a refund or whether you need to pay a balancing charge (a top up fee).

I don’t pay a service charge, what happens if the common grounds on my property need repairs? ↓

In a small number of cases leases don’t allow for a service charge. Where this is the case Pier Management will arrange works on a reactive basis on behalf of the Freeholder and invoice you as and when works are required.

What should I do if a repair is required? ↓

If the repair is within the flat then it is your responsibility to organise the works, just as it would be if you owned a house. If the repair is to the main structure of the building then contact your Managing Agent or whomever you pay your service charges to. If you do not pay a service charge and a repair is required to the common parts then please contact Pier Management for assistance.

What should I do if the flat above mine is causing a leak? ↓

If the flat above you is causing a leak the first thing you should do is try to make contact with the owners or tenants to get the leak stopped. If you cannot get hold of them please contact Pier Management for assistance.

Pier Management
How is my premium calculated? ↓

Your premium is based on the Building Declared Value and varied by such things as area, previous claims history, age of the property and type of construction.

How long does it take for my claim to be settled? ↓

As soon as your dedicated claims handler has checked that your claim is covered by your policy, they will get the process moving. Straightforward claims are normally settled very quickly, and in all cases they will keep you informed of their progress.

Why is Terrorism required? ↓

Standard property insurance policies do not cover damage caused by acts of war or terrorist attacks. While such events are thankfully rare in the UK, there is a continual and increased threat. If your property was to be damaged or destroyed by an act of terrorism and was not insured for this eventuality, you would have to pay for the reconstruction.  This additional level of cover is very often a requirement of your mortgage company.

Why is there Public Liability cover? ↓

Public Liability cover (or Property Owners Liability cover as it is also known) is provided to cover injury or death to third parties or damage to third party property occurring at your property. It is necessary for the person making any such claim to prove negligence.

What is the difference between Buildings Declared Value and Buildings Sum Insured? ↓

Buildings Declared Value is the total cost to rebuild the property (including all fixtures and fittings, car parks, pavements and similar property for which you are responsible) at the start date of your policy. It also includes an allowance for professional fees and debris removal costs. Most importantly, the Declared Value is not the value of your property as you would see in an Estate Agents window. This total value will include the value of the land as well as the property built on. The insurance policy automatically adds a Day One Uplift to your Buildings Declared Value to protect against the increased cost of reinstating your property in the event of a loss. This new enhanced value is called a Building Sum Insured and is also shown on your Certificate of Insurance.

What is an excess and why do I have to pay it? ↓

The amount you have to pay towards each agreed claim. Most insurance policies have an excess which is payable by you in the event of a claim being made on the policy. If the claim has been caused by another resident then you may seek to recover the excess from them; this is a matter between you and the other party. If the claim relates to a communal area then you should speak to your Managing Agent regarding payment of the excess. Neither the freeholder nor Pier Management has any jurisdiction over payment of the excess.

If I live in an area that is prone to flooding or subsidence, would it cost a lot more to insure my property? ↓

If there is a large risk of flooding or subsidence it is very likely that you will need to pay more for your insurance. The cost depends on exactly where you live and the cover you require. The risk will be assessed by Insurers and an accurate premium will be calculated.

Pier Management
How can I make a complaint? ↓

Pier management do everything we can to avoid complaints but should you wish to make one then please email us at info@piermanagement.com with the subject heading ‘Complaint’. Please ensure that you fully detail the complaint within the email. The matter will be dealt with in accordance with our complaints handling procedure. However, should you still be dissatisfied with the outcome you are at liberty to contact the Property Redress Scheme of which we are a member.

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